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What I Do

This website highlights the different aspects of my professional life in which visitors may view my academic writings and other information related to my work. Feel free to browse and comment on certain pieces of information that may pique your interest.

Hobbies and Interests

What would be more exciting than adding a splash of personalisation every now and then? I am an avowed enthusiast of anything interesting (whether in the academic sphere of things or even the mundane) and those do I try to write about in some sections of this site, especially my blog.


I am very willing to sit down and have coffee with you. A chit-chat on anything under the sun (except offensive topics) is very much welcome. Drop me a line or two via blueskypoetry (at) gmail.com


Please let me have about a week or two before paying for your orders (if ever). I still have to resolve my expired card so I could receive your payments and bank processing could really take up some time regarding that. So I hope you don’t mind the wait.

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My New Online Shop

I enjoin everyone to check out my new online shop where I sell various kinds of tees (in different colours, but mostly in white, black, or blue), totes, and mugs. So far I only offer such items since my original idea was merely to sell mugs with my various designs on it; however, I might find time to add more accessories soon if I end up with more designs.

How to buy? Click on “Online Shop” at the menu above the slider which would then take you to my shop. Click on any item you may fancy and such would be inputted into your shopping cart. Then as soon as you’re finished, just checkout. It’s that easy!

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Merchandising Stuff

Hello y’all!

As you can see, I have signed up for some ads on this site to offer you something that may be browsed upon in your free time. Of course, I do guarantee that the products I feature are relevant enough for everyday use, and sundry of those such as tees and accessories may definitely look good unto those interested in such purchases. Now in line with that…

I shall be featuring merchandise every now and then not so much as to boost sales but more of helping those small to medium enterprises in their services. From accessories to cleaning materials to supplements, the companies I believe are doing their best to provide services that would benefit the general public at the most. Of course there may be other purchases that may not live up to standard but always look for information on the companies’ websites on their guarantees of excellence.

In this regard, I will find time to highlight some merchants, their companies, and the sort of products they offer. This may be in form of occasional posts and coupons that may be of interest to everyone who may want to seek alternative channels for acquiring products and/or services online.

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Graduate School

It has been a while ever since I updated on what I had been doing for the past months. Everything was in incognito mode, and I was practically invisible. And I never did have the temerity to write because nothing comes to me. Oh well—I even could not think of anything to write as of this very moment except that I know my main topic would be grad school.

So here I am, bumming my way around campus… nah, just kidding. Whoever thinks of graduate school being a breeze needs to have some wake up-to-reality calls. I have to work my way out of our house as early as 5:30 AM, then clamber up the metro rail transit station that should take me all the way to Quezon Avenue. From there, I shall be boarding a jeepney for approximately a three kilometre ride to school; and withal, I should be arriving at around 7:45, whereas my class would be at 8:30. There are moments of delayed transport arrivals, though so at the most I can be at school at about 8:15 (just like last time). But considerably so, traveling does serve as a sort of breather for me from being unemployed inasmuch as I am practically waiting for part-time job vacancies (I had to consider resigning from my previous workplace because of graduate school schedule matters).

Now, let’s go to the hardest part: studying. From elementary to high school, all that I knew worth studying about was maths because of all those seemingly unintelligible principles that spell “do” or “die.” Nothing was funny about that and I’d literally get whipped for answering wrongfully. For the meantime, English did I consider “difficult”—I wasn’t too fond of grammar—but I triumphed in terms of literature. Since I loved to read much, getting some workarounds for Shakespeare and Beowulf were not too tedious as it seemed. I never studied, or more correctly, I never studied for the subjects that mattered most. I was a bum to those and was studious for the rest.

It was the same thing when I took up my previous master’s degree courses in my college alma mater; and since everything was all the same (professors, subject matters, teaching styles), I never bothered to even care much about learning. I would do my term papers in motor vehicles and write a report (along with all the visual aids) one day before the big day. However, I never finished my degree due to depression so I decided to shift to UP Diliman.

And hell, oh boy.

I learned principles in language that I never heard of before and my professors appear to have morphed from the books that they themselves use. Add to the case of paranoia is the fact that I am currently taking prerequisite classes, i.e., undergraduate courses. Pressure!! Here I am, a MA student dabbling with all the idiosyncrasies of her world in the midst of undergraduates who can equally qualify to meriting a master’s degree in two years themselves.

So yes, talk about pressure.

Nonetheless, there is nothing that I can do about it but to study, despite my lukewarmness towards the very idea of doing so. Now I am getting to cherish the value of such a deed and hopefully—with my fingers crossed, coupled with a hefty amount of prayer—I may eventually graduate with flying colours. Perhaps, at that point, I may look back and tell myself that everything did pay off.

Thanks to fortitude.


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I have decided to “rev” up this blog through the use of social media networking, not merely because I want to boost site visitors but because I also want a little more “exposure” (if that would be the right term). Now a friend recommended Bloglovin’ wherein I could get followers somehow through people within the network. Now isn’t that nifty enough?

So OK, I just needed to “claim” this blog for my profile, hence this post. But wait and stay tuned for more posts soon! (Am practically too busy nowadays to even post. Sad.)

First Post

Updates on sites and other announcements shall be constantly posted here so as not to leave guests hanging. As of now, I have authored four separate sites in the BlueSkyPoetry network, the addresses of such now currently posted on the Where To Go page.

Then again, comments and suggestions for improving the site (themes, content, etc) are most welcome.